Behavior rules

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Chat Roulette Online is a virtual international community that can be joined by everyone. We aim to provide high-quality communication services around the world. Our anonymous web chat roulette gives an opportunity to keep in secret the personality of possible talkers up to the last seconds. This experience is exciting and truly unforgettable.

As we are responsible for the safety measures provision and flawless website operation, Chat Roulette Online has some requirements for users as well. Let’s be responsible together to make the guest user online chatting facilities even more pleasant! If you agree that conversations should be enjoyable for both talkers, follow our simple behavior rules, please:

  1. Visit no registration webchat rooms if you are of legal age. Chat Roulette Online is available for those users who are at least 18 years old.
  2. Respect the individuality of your interlocutor. If you find his or her actions strange, extraordinary, funny, and senseless, be polite. End the conversation in a polite manner.
  3. Do not use abusive language and do not rabble-rouse use provocative phrases concerning religious topics, politics, etc. Casual live video chats are suitable for light talks and new friends.
  4. We do not limit our users in dressing and makeup but we ask them to express their individuality in a censored manner. It is forbidden to visit free chat rooms for singles if you are nude.
  5. Do not offend the feelings of other people. If you are not interested in a current conversation, it is better to disconnect. Do not offend the clothes, appearance, and tastes of your random talkers.
  6. Any sexual aggression is also prohibited. The victim of this situation can ask our support managers for help and you will be not able to use our services anymore.
  7. Your avatar and other pictures should be real. You cannot show other images instead of yourself. Your interlocutors should understand that they communicate with a real person. The Chat Roulette Online website is an entertainment platform without freaks and bots.
  8. You cannot promote your products and services on the Chat Roulette Online website. Any advertising material is considered spam and will be blocked.
  9. Users cannot send spam messages and use the answers of their interlocutors as the questionnaire responses, etc. All the talks are private, so the data gathered during the casual live video chats cannot become material for voting, quizzes, and so on.
  10. Our moderators monitor the behavior of users. Remember that the complaints of other users can be the main reason to block your guest account. Our support managers take into account all the claims sent every day by the chat room visitors.
  11. If you constantly violate the Chat Roulette Online behavior rules, you cannot use our communication services anymore. The account will be blocked if the offended party provides our moderators proof of any violations.
  12. The evidence of the Behavior Rules violation can be a screenshot or a photo. Sometimes users provide us their videos and sound records.
  13. If you mentioned any Behavior Rules violation, we ask you to inform our moderators. Sometimes these signals help us to prevent spammy content and new facts of violation in random cam to cam chat rooms for dating, communication, and making friends.

Please, be responsible for your actions on the Chat Roulette Online website. We are happy to please you with our services. But it will be rather easier to control everything and improve the range of available offers if all the users will follow our Behavior Rules. Thank you for your attention!